Jesse Lackowitz Crozier (he/they) is an interdisciplinary transsexual artist based in Brooklyn, New York since 2008.

His creative work explores trans identity, community, DIY, embodiment, fantasy, pleasure, self-making, trans memory, archive and storytelling. Their practice includes hand embroidery, sewing, installation and various forms of documentation. He centers collaboration, queer interconnection and world-building.

They have worked as producer, creative consultant and collaborator on artist exhibitions, art and fashion photo shoots, events, and film in North America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Available For Hire / Commissions Open


Curatorial Residency Portals / Sanctuaries at Milvus Artistic Research Center

Costume Design and fabrication for The Last at Milvus Artistic Research Center in Knislinge, Sweden

Performance production + installation for Marie Topp MAZE at Milvus Artistic Research Center, Knislinge Sweden 2023

Fabrication assist for Walk To The Wide Open Window by Tamara Santibañez at Selenas Mountain, Brookyn, NY 2023

Guest exhibitor at Your Wound, My Desire by Benny Nemer at Ystads Konstmuseum, Sweden 2023

Exhibition production + installation for Emma Ekstam Aspirations at Milvus Artistic Research Center, Knislinge Sweden 2022

Creative production / writer for short film What’s in a Pronoun? by Posture Media. Premiered at Cannes Lions 2019

Creative Production for PWOTEKSYON by Jasmine Plantin, photographed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Port au Prince + Jacmel, Haiti 2017 
Exhibition production + installation for PWOTEKSYON panel discussion + exhibition, Flatbush Brooklyn, NY
Exhibition production + intallation for PWOTEKSYON, mise-en place gallery, Brooklyn           NY

Vice Gender Spectrum Collection
Gal Friday
Hill House
Dolce Vita
The Setting
Citrine Cash
Nicolette Mason
Outlier - Director of Media Production 2010-2017