I was invited in November 2022 to design and fabricate the costumes for The Last. I reworked the silhouettes of tracksuits, hand embroidered text specific to each dancer and added vintage handmade textile pieces I sourced in Skåne. The materials used are almost entirely from secondhand shops in the region. I’m deeply thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this and to everyone involved - thank you for your trust.

I consider each garment a collaboration between myself and the dancers, MARC, Skåne as a region,
as well as the region’s artisans of the past.
Each stitch is a knot holding time and memory together.

The Last at MARC 
Premiered Aug 25-27 2023 in Knislinge, Sweden

Concept & choreography: Rachel Tess

Written & performed by:

Clyde Emmanuel Archer 
Oisín Ó Manacháin / Oisín Monaghan 
Anna Pehrsson
Isaac Spencer
Rachel Tess 
Thomas Zamolo 

Music & sound: Ulrich Ruchlinski 
Costume: Jesse Lackowitz Crozier 
Scenography: Samuel Norup 
Artistic coordinator: Kajsa Rolfsson